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Memasak Semur Daging Ala Betawi Mantap

Memasak Semur Daging Ala Betawi Mantap – Creating a cake cook cooking had to be done carefully because the one thing you are wrong on a particular step, then it is likely that you failed to get the ideal pie. Therefore, make a cake should not be groped. However, its size should be clear and balanced.

Once the ingredients are available, direct to weave. First melt the dark chocolate beforehand, then set aside and let cool. After dark chocolate cool slightly, then mix with margarine, vanilla powder and salt and beat until fluffy and set aside. After that, beat eggs and sugar until dissolved in another place and 1/2 inflate and enter the flour, baking powder, cocoa powder little by little so that the dough does not build up until evenly mixed.

Then enter the first chocolate mixture, then mix and stir until blended. Then put on a baking sheet that has been printed beforehand smeared with margarine and sprinkle with nuts that have been destroyed tanaj rough. After that, Bake brownies until 1/2 cooked to a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius less than 10 minutes, then remove and cut into pieces according to taste and chill. Finally bake brownies until cooked for about 15 minutes and Lift back and chill, after cooking brownies, friends can add variations on it to make it look more beautiful and attractive before serve.

Thus pastries brownies recipe. For additional infor, brownies generally popular with brownies wet. But basically wet cake brownies recipe is almost the same as the cookies above, the difference in pengukusannya process.


Memasak Nasi Uduk Khas Aceh Pedas Banget

Memasak Nasi Uduk Khas Aceh Pedas Banget – As for tips for making tomato sauce paste it feels good, do not use a blender at the time of manufacture. Why? Because blender can make the sauce watery and too soft so it will reduce the sense of this paste tomato sauce.

You may ask then how to make a delicious sauce of tomato paste? Note the steps of this simple food recipes and make sure you perform the steps properly so that you get a sauce according to what you want.

The first thing you should do is prepare materials for the chili, among others include cayenne pepper, red onion, red tomatoes, shrimp paste, lemon juice, salt, sugar and cooking oil. All the ingredients mixed in to taste or customized to your taste. As for the tools, you would have to provide either a pestle and mortar pestle stone or wood.
Second after the tools and materials available, then directly at the manufacturing stage. Notice how to cook this perikut:

You must heat the cooking oil. Tips, select the best cooking oils that taste the sauce, you also get the best taste and healthy.
Once the oil is hot, fry cayenne pepper, tomatoes, shrimp and onion until completely wilted.
Then, after completely wilted, then remove such materials and submit materials that have been prepared to place a pestle and mortar.
Finally, grind sauce until thoroughly enough but not too soft so that you get a sensation taste of this sauce. After iti, add salt to taste tailored to your taste.