Nasi Goreng Masakan Indonesia Favorit Keluarga

Nasi Goreng Masakan Indonesia Favorit Keluarga – For those of you who want to make Nasi Goreng Simple with special flavor was not difficult really, who needs to be prepared is to marinades and white rice of course. Perhaps there are many who are curious, apasih secret spices and how to make a delicious fried rice was how does? Okay, here we’ll share step by step how to create a simple fried rice naun special taste.

Tired of cooking fried rice that’s it? The following may fried rice can be your choice to replace your fried rice menu mediocre. Fried rice is used as an ingredient thats mixed additional seafood. Surely cooking results and the taste is very tasty and delicious.

Ingredients and Seasonings:
500 grams of white rice
2 chicken eggs
6 pieces of shrimp that have been peeled
1 piece of squid already cleaned, cut into pieces
1 leek, sliced
Royco flavoring Fried Rice 1 bks
1 tsp margarine
2 tablespoons cooking oil

How to Cook:
Heat the oil and margarine into a frying pan. Enter shrimp along with squid and cook until both change color. Add eggs and sliced leeks, and cook until cooked ingredients.
Next, add white rice and stir fried rice dish mixed well. Do not forget to add flavoring Rasa Royco flavor fried rice. Mix well.
If thats enough, taste. Then lift.
Special Fried Rice Serve cuisine you made while warm with crackers and pickles, Yummi ..! See too


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