Recipes How to Make Delicious Easy Brownies Kukus

Make friends who like to eat and cake, must have heard and felt the delicious Oreo Cake Pandan Pandan Steamed Brownies Amanda or NCC. To live in the city of Bandung and other cities, perhaps not too difficult to find and buy. But what happens if they are out of town? Therefore, this time I will invite friends foodies to learn how to make Oreo yourself at home. Certainly more efficient than making your own cupcake recipe Brownies certainly more fun and can be used as one of the ideas for the culinary business.

One of the advantages of making your own cupcake recipe brownies more prudent than friends can create their own to add to the delicacy of her cake. Friends can add grated cheese and cherry on the cake to enhance your appearance. Some of the ingredients that are commonly used, such as grain, chocolate, almonds, cashews, cream or other fresh fruit can also be added to enhance the taste of the finished results later. In addition, you can make chocolate brownies with pandan or mix and match some colors of the rainbow in a pan.

Actually, how to make is not too difficult as you can imagine some of the public. No need to be a chief or chef to make cakes steamed brownies at home. Raw material for her brownies with easily available in stores around us. Of course, there are some tips to keep in mind that the results would be perfect, as you do not use high heat, stirring slowly and make sure the dough laahn doing perfectly mixed material or Guan mixer at medium speed to whisk the eggs. Okay, for more details please read the details of her recipes below.


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