Recipes How to Make Crispy Dry Pastel

One variety of traditional snacks traditional cake is better known as the patty moist, because there are also other variations such as mini-sized dry pastels or pastel lid. Pastel wet cured by frying distinctively containing cooked vegetables and their combination is then coated with a basic dough of flour savory skin and crisp. Here’s a for how to make a delicious moist patty, savory and crunchy along with instructions processing process.

Patty is a snack that is easily obtainable in the market that the ingredients were not so hard to come by and are found in stores, supermarkets, malls and traditional markets. As well risoles savory cakes, pies was no less tasty. Fans patty not only from the group of elderly but young people and small children like it very much.

In addition to the skin is tasty, it is also very diverse with contents such as processed, some use hun noodles with a variety of mixed vegetables and meat, while others just use it as a meat with do not forget there is also a pastel containing dried meat or commonly called shredded beef, but all the contents of processed and pastel skin is not complete without a touch of spice.


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