Recipes How to Make So Delicious Opor Ayam

Recipes How to Make So Delicious Opor Ayam – Famous chicken dishes with coconut milk is very popular in all regions in Indonesia, especially Central Java region and West Java. Made with chicken raw materials combined with coconut milk and flavoring herbs and spices native Indonesia. Because we know, within the natural has a flavor that is savory and delicious. so it will be very tempting, if the chicken is processed with special spice blend. one of the most delicious concoction to mengilah chicken meat, the seasoning Opor. natural poultry delicious tongue getting good at spoiling the audience.

To make chicken Opor own, really hard to shift easily. problems that commonly occur during Opor cooking chicken, coconut milk is usually broken, or soft chicken aka less harsh. well to make a delicious chicken Opor, padded with special flavors, you can learn how to make chicken Opor with a simple recipe below. One dish that often appears in the momentum or the feast of Eid and other special occasions are Opor chicken. If we serve delicious chicken Opor menu with the following simple recipe as an alternative to everyday dishes, of course, will make the day even more special is not. Someday you too can learn how to cook and I will write on this blog


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